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SUPERNOVA 2015 - Brescia

“The steel of the future smartens up for the city”

Innovation means to give to what doesn’t exist a new appearance, a continuous motion.

The steel industry, a sector often described as "mature", on the contrary, is experiencing a continuous flow of innovation.

For this reason, within the Innovation Festival Superova, Siderweb - the Steel Community - has been present with a space where the steel industry of tomorrow has come to life. Art, information, education, creativity and analysis have been just some of the guidelines that have represented the common thread the three-days event have revolve around.

Siderweb wanted to describe - and not just in words - how the steel is always adjusting, improving itself every day, in order to remain an anchor, in our community that, for centuries, has roots in the iron.

Franchini Acciai "tradition, innovation, technology and know-how to forge the future.. together!" has been a  sponsor of this project launched by Siderweb.